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About Our Company

M/s S.K Naredi and Co. is a Jamshedpur based Chartered Accountants firm Headquartered at Kolkata. We have a Pan India foot print with branches at Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Pune, Mumbai, Patna and Jaipur. The firm provides a comprehensive range of financial and business advisory services to all types of clients based both in India and Abroad.

The firm was incorporated in 1986 by Sajjan Kumar Naredi. The firm has an extensive and a proven track record in financial and business advisory services since 1986. We have a client base of more than 200 Companies and 1500 individuals and other entities. We have a diverse and highly motivated client base that gives us the capability and honor of handling clients having exposure in various industries.

Our team consists of distinguished Chartered Accountants, Corporate Financial Advisors, Risk advisors and Tax consultants. Our professionals have a strong business understanding and conceptual skills that enable us to connect meaningfully with our clients and providing them with best possible solutions.

Our Constant zeal to excel and deliver the best possible services to our clients helps us in guiding our clients throughout the constant updates in Government regulations. We maintain highest level of confidentiality of our clients at all levels

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our clients services par excellence and to help them create and maintain sustainable business which would put them on a global map. Our object is to work together with our clients and at the same time utilizing our skills and knowledge to:

  1. Deliver excellent service to our clients.
  2. Create an inspiring workplace.
  3. Sustainable development of our stakeholders


We assist our clients as business partners and help them navigate a constantly changing and competitive business and regulatory environment.

We help businesses improve their profitability while maintaining both timelines and adherence to regulatory compliances.

We strive to deliver personalized services equivalent to international standards.

The core value of the firm is to provide top-notch services to the clients with utmost integrity. Honesty, loyalty and result orientation are the three basic values on which the firm’s activities are based. The client relationships are driven by the fundamental values like safeguard and promotion of interest of clients within the overall business perspective and the impeccable maintenance of confidentiality. Therefore, our values are driven by

  1. Trust, Confidentiality and Dependability
  2. Energy and Passion
  3. Leadership and Teamwork
  4. Learning and Innovation
  5. Performance and Quality
  6. Integrity and Accountability


We provide amiable environment to our employees as well as our clients. Our employees enjoy working in an entrepreneurial and self-directed environment that fosters creative thinking and an open exchange of ideas and encourages teamwork and professional development. It is an environment that helps create meaningful partnerships with senior decision makers at client organizations and nurtures lasting relationships with leading companies across the country.


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